Karim is mentally and physically healthier

“Without Brothers through Boxing... I'd be eating rubbish and playing video games, never leaving the house unless I absolutely had to.”


He felt intimidated by the outside world…

Since school, Karim has felt like an outsider. He felt disconnected from his local community, depressed and extremely self conscious about his weight. Before Boxing Through Brothers, Karim rarely left his house; he felt intimidated by the outside world and was unable to maintain friendships.

Training once a week with other young men has helped Karim to not only improve physical and mental wellbeing but to also build connections with others. Over the six months of the programme, Karim threw himself into all the activities offered. He says “Without Brothers through Boxing I don’t know what I’d be doing now. Tell a lie, I know exactly what I’d be doing. Eating rubbish and playing video games, never leaving the house unless I absolutely had to”.

Karim’s now completed his bronze Boxercise award, as well as completing the “Road to Resurgence” activities which help young people develop coping strategies for stress, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, and asking for help. After completing the programme there is a noticeable change in his outlook and he’s become an active member of the alumni community.

Karim’s attention to his physical wellbeing has also grown, for instance, riding a bike to training instead of catching the bus. “I thought I’d never use my bike ever again” he said, “I’m in a much better place now, I’m able to talk to people I know have similar things going on to me, I’m able to make friends. It’s changed my mentality, I’m mentally and physically healthier. I would definitely recommend Brothers Through Boxing to anyone”.


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